Old time jazz online

Old time jazz

Old time jazz online is one of the cool sites where you can find more than 20.000 jazz old tunes. “You may search any record with indicating the beginning of the word of your interest.”

You can find, hear or download (or all of it) a thousands of jazz tunes in RealOne or MP3. We all have some old tunes we couldn’t find for years. Maybe it’s the end of our misery.

Here are some tips from the author of the site:

“Don’t login at firstNo need to login to listen the tunes in Real format (.ram-.rm)Listen the tunes without login simply with a click on the titles. And to download, click with the right button on the 3 letters “MP3” at the end of the line. Actually a login is not ever necessary. If necessary, only after clicking on the “MP3″ letters, hit UserName and PassWord.To download some MP3, not all of them, after click with the right button on the 3 letters MP3, the screen will invite you to hit your UserName and your PassWord. Do’nt login before.”

Go and visit Old time jazz online and choose among a thousands of jazz standars and songs.

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