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How To Play Classical Guitar Tremolo


Guitar Tremolo is the rapid reiteration of a string: plucking of the same string, although not necessarily on the same note many times, quickly and next to each other (although usually separated by a melody in the thumb). In this instance, while there will still be “preparation,” per se, it will not be evident and will definitely be lacking if the speed has not been gradually increased.

Finger alterations that are commonly used are:

  • “p, m, i” for slower, three note tremolos, with the thumb picking out the melody
  • “p, a, i” for faster three note tremolos, with the melody in the thumb
  • “p, a, m, i” for a four note tremolo, with the melody in the thumb
  • “p, c, a, m, i” for a five note tremolo, although it is rarely used. Also, as the pinky is not a very popular finger to be used, and guitarists usually find a substitute fingering, derived from either a three note and a two note alteration (“p, a, i” followed by “p, m” or “p, i”)

Asturias (Leyenda) – Example for guitar tremolo

Asturias (Leyenda) tremolo
– in this example, we use “p, a, m, i”  to play fast tremolo with right hand.

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How To Play Classical Guitar Tremolo